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Warparadise Diskussion Diesen Beitrag editieren Download
Autor: ic3
Titel: Warparadise
Version: Beta 1
Gamemodes:CTF Capture The Flag
Spieler:bis 8
Server:[OTB] Beta - Jetzt spielen! -
Beschreibung:Habs mal für ihn gemacht:

Hey all, this is my first map. Its called Warparadise and will be played in ctf mode. There are two teams (red, blue) The Flags are in the main(watch 1. picture) In the middle are barrels, shields and ramps(look at the 2. and 3. picture) Its small(good for 1s)

Write me your opinion Paradise a.k.a ITSM3
Dateigröße: 669.96 KB
Downloads: 3
Verursachter Traffic: 1.96 MB
Erstelldatum: 10.08.2010 07:51
letzter Download: 14.07.2020 18:50

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