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Infos to the [OTB] 5. Birthday Cup
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Because of our 5th clan birthday on November 20th, 2010 we will organize a 3on3 cup. Hopefully we can get an exiting and funny cup with lots of players and teams.

General stuff:

1. The [OTB] 5th Birthday Cup will be on November 20th, 2010, our birthday.
2. The cup begins at 3:00 pm (GMT+1).
3. We assume that the cup will take around 4 hours.
4. Website: http://cup.otb-server.de
5. Registration: http://cupreg.otb-server.de
6. Chat / IRC: #otb
7. TeamSpeak³:
8. Game-Server:
   a) Server 1:
   b) Server 2:
   c) Server 3:
   d) Server 4:
9. There won't be any prizes. It should be Just4Fun.

Teams & players:

1. There are 12 teams. The first 12 registered teams can play.
2. One team can have 3-5 players. The players of one team can be in different clans.
3. You can register your team about the registration link. Contact us if you want to register more players later.
4. One player of each team must be online on IRC 15 minutes before the cup starts and the whole cup time.
5. Each team can get an own channel on our TeamSpeak³-Server for the cup.
6. No player can play for 2 teams.
7. All players must have a global login account.
8. All players must have build030+.


1. The [OTB] 5th Birthday Cup is a 3on3 "Capture The Flag" cup.
2. Most important are fun and fairplay. If we note that a player has modified textures, cheat, hack, etc., the whole team will be disqualified from the cup.
3. The cup begins with 4 groups. In each group will be 3 teams. The teams are chosen randomly.
4. Each team plays against each other team of the same group. So there will be 3 rounds and 2 matches for each team in the group.
5. The worst team of each group is eliminated.
6. In the playoffs, there are only k.o. matches. If a team loose, it's eliminated.
7. A team gets a point for each map it wins. We will also add the map results (e.g. 50:37) .
8. The are no tiemaps (except 9e). Important are the count of maps a team could win and the results of these maps. This applies for the groups and the k.o. matches.
9. We will determine the winner/s of each group/k.o. match as follows:
a) count of won maps (e.g.: 4 for four won maps)
b) difference of the added map results (e.g.: +27 for the added result of 77:50)
c) count of own points of the added map results (e.g.: 77 for the added result of 77:50)
d) direct comparison (e.g.: 2:0 for two won maps and no lost maps)
   e) tiemap: propaint1
10. Only the players of the teams and an admin are allowed to join the server.
11. You can have a look at the times for your matches on the website. Maybe the matches can be a few minutes later.
12. There are 2 maps for each match. You can have a look at the maps for your matches on the website or the maplist below. The first called map is the first one; the second called map is the second one.
13. The first called team can choose the color of the first map; the second called team can choose the color of the second map.
14. If a team isn't online when there is a match with it, we will add a 0:50 result for each map.
15. One player of each team must provide a screenshot after each map, where we can see the players and the results.


1. There will be 4 server for the cup (location: germany). We'll start them just before the tournament begins.
2. Each map will be played 10 minutes. If the result is balanced at the end of a map, there will be an overtime of 1 minute.
3. We'll add an ent file for each map to fix some entities. We won't change the entities the way we did on the speed server. So you can play all maps as usual.
4. For each team there will be 2 paint grenades and 1 smoke grenade.
5. All maps will be played with default guntemp (guntemp_inc 11 and guntemp_dec 4).
6. All other settings are like the normal match settings.


Round 1:     temple22    &    rome
Round 2:     eclissi    &    waffle
Round 3:     propaint2    &    hca_fort
Quarterfinals:     beta/island_b1*    &    nhb
Semifinals:     carpathian    &    castle1
3rd place match:     worldfades    &    discovery
Final:     worldfades    &    discovery

* We'll release the map beta/island_b1 one week before the cup begins. If there're difficulties or problems with it, we'll try to release a second beta as well. If there's not enough time for a second beta, we'll replace island_b1 with the tiemap propaint1.
The website is german only, but google is your friend.
If you have any questions, you can post it here or ask us in IRC or TeamSpeak³. We'll try to answer it in english then.

Group A
Place Teamname Points
1 lmfao. 2
2 Pigs 2
3 -)PdM(- 0
4 Only The Best 0
Group B
Place Teamname Points
1 Team Darkness 2
2 RenegadeZ 2
3 BliZZarD 0
4 UnFrozen Team 0



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