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Namen: T3RR0R15T
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02.09.2019 19:56 Build 43 #24215

Da Build 42 noch einige Fehler hatte, kam die Version nie weiter als zum Pretest. Hier jetzt Build 43, mit der diese Fehler hoffentlich behoben wurden. Wir werden es sehen wink

build 43 (2019-08-20):
- Bugfix: Fixed crash when viewing the server list while a level is loaded locally.
- Bugfix: Fixed sound falloff on left and right channels being slightly different. Also tweaked to be slightly more physically accurate. 7:21 AM 6/24/2019
- Bugfix: Fixed serverlist connecting to the worng IP's when using the listview widgets (Thanks, xrichardx)
- Bugfix: Fixed crash when using SDL sound driver on Linux. (Thanks, your teammate) 10:10 PM 7/7/2019
- Tweak: Reduced buffer size for Linux SDL driver from 4096 to 1024 to reduce latency. 5:53 AM 8/18/2019
- Tweak: Reduced "s_mixahead" default cvar value from 0.2 to 0.08. You may need to increase this if you get stuttery sound. 5:53 AM 8/18/2019
- Cvar: "vid_resolution" now replaces "gl_mode", "vid_resx", and "vid_resy". You can simply set "vid_resolution" to "1920x1080" or whatever you would like. (Thanks, xrichardx). Should automatically set to whatever you had before using the previous cvars.

*** 1.932 build 188 ***
- Fixed escaped from jail message having an extra newline. 4:57 AM 6/17/2019
- Adjusted ball arc to account for gravity setting, so low gravity doesn't cause the ball to shoot above the crosshair. 4:57 AM 6/17/2019
- Fixed minplayers setting on mapinfo files not working properly if set to values less than 2. 7:02 AM 6/25/2019
- Made "botcmd" work with the new bots. 1:06 AM 6/30/2019
- Fixed match not going into overtime if "nextmap" was set. 3:13 AM 7/1/2019
- Made "nextmap" and "rotation add" automatically prefix "inprogress/" and "beta/" before maps that are in those directories like "newmap" and "map" do. 1:56 AM 7/7/2019


Windows - Full (Pretest 1b)

Windows - Update (Pretest 1b)

Linux - Full (Pretest 1)

Linux - Update (Pretest 1)

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