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[QeHs] hört auf und veranstaltet aus diesem Grund ein Abschiedsturnier.

Alle Infos gibts hier im offiziellen Forum: https://dplogin.com/forums/index.php?topic=27205.0

Funerals aren't always a bad thing. Time to let this clan rest in piece and we're going to celebrate it with a tournament!

Date: 26.09.2014 – 27.09.2014
Time schedule:
26.09.2014 (Friday)
19:00 CET - Meeting in globalgamers irc at #team_qehs and #team_qehs! .
19:00 - ... CET – We accept challenges for matches. Anybody can challenge us, but we play only maps from „our“ maplist.

16:00 CET – 3v3 tournament sign-up starts
17:00 CET – tournament starts, depending on sign ups the format will be decided. Maps will be from „our“ maplist.
Later on the night if we have the will power, we will accept challenges!

On 26.09.2013 [q] played their last match. We have reached a point in our history where we can’t have a match more often than once a year. It’s time to bury this tag. To celebrate this funeral we will host our last tournament. For those, who weren’t around during the time when we were more active, we used to host a lot of tournaments. Lekky had europaint, I had a lot of one day quickie cups (under the name QeHs cup or timetravellers cups), we even had a league which was succesfully finished (it was called something like QeHs invitational or something). So why not try to have one more succesful tournament. We will also try to contact all our old members and get them to join us for this event.

QeHs was created in 2005 late summer and we enjoyed paintball actively until 2012,2013. I would like to use this thread to ask fellow paintballers if they have contacts to our old members and if they could be contacted. First of all I’d like to see the creators of QeHs around on that weekend – Lekky, Gmaster. From the early days it would be awesome to see Dagget, Tze, MrRiblets, Vector, Holo, oldie (and others who I’m forgetting). From the time we changed our tag to rP I would like to see Gamabunta, Nigel, Chevy (and others who I’m forgetting). From the time when we changed back to QeHs / [q] tag I would love to see Magalhaes, Vouvosapeida, Jonas, Criminal, edgecrusher, Sonny, Asthor, Playah, Khan, pif, sawy, delphi, dave, andycz, heyneken (and everybody else who I’m forgetting). And from the last few active years it would be great if sata, mrpeach, spain would show up. And of course, I would like to invite our old opponents to compete against us – especially darkness, kuc, oxz and everybody else we have enjoyed playing for years.

So spread the url of this thread to everybody who you think might be interested in getting together once again. Years have passed, hobbies have changed, but I think we would have fun on the last weekend together. We could liven up the chatroom once again, telling tales of what we have become (skater not invited).

Why I post this so early? There are 3 reasons. 1) to get your help on contacting our old members and opponents. 2) to get your help on remembering what were the „our“ maps I have mentioned earlier in this post – so basically help me create a maplist for the tournament. 3) so you and everybody else who might want to participate will have enough time to join this event.

So post here with your maplist suggestions. Also, if your clan would like to participate. And especially if you can contact our old members!

And I would like to end this post with a brief summary of QeHs history (written for the time we got our 1000th win):

It was easy.

Founded in August 2005 by Lekky and GMaster, QeHs started to add players to its rotation. Until this day noone besides Lekky and Gmaster know what QeHs stands for. Maps we enjoyed playing were common for pub newbies – airtime was our favorite. Player remaining in [q] from that time is the almighty blaa. I remember playing with the all time best polak member of QeHs –Rawcu- and also Tze. Other names Mr.Riblets, Holo, Spook, Dagget and many many others. As GMaster was a hopeless newbie Lekky was in charge of the clan.

We also participated in the PBCup spring league, which transformed us from a public newbie clan to a clan involved in the zeerious matching scene. We got the last place in the league and only managed to win 2 maps (both against [GT]).

While MeMi, DoP and DarkP dominated the european matching scene at that time our biggest rivals were CoTD.

This period resulted in a 44-15 clan record (when we played dop or memi we always said that it was a funmatch so wouldn’t have to add all the countless losses). After the PBCup our clan fell apart. Many players didn’t want to be associated with such a newbie clan and joined other clans. In summer rP> was formed by some QeHs members. Alot of new players were introduced to the clan, for example the current leader Gamabunta.
In autumn 2006 rP died too. Core players went inactive and the remaining players started to lose a lot, so that brought the motivation down. In that summer we played 140 matches and won 80 of them.

The third launch of QeHs came in January 2007, when Dagget recreated the clan. Sharp, Tze and blaa were enjoying winning everybody with [DarK]ness so they didn’t exactly rush back to QeHs. It wasn’t until spring when all the core players decided to join dagget and others. Tag was changed from [QeHs] to [q].

QeHs was officially registered at dplogin in July 2007. With only a handful of clans registered before.

Over the next couple of years matches were played, clans were killed and new players joined and old players went inactive. At some point Lekky faded away and blaa took over leading the clan.
We killed [BTF] by recruiting Khan, followed by sphinx, sawy and criminal. We killed LC by recruiting Magalhaes, edgecrusher, jonas_ed and Vouvos Apeida. Funny story with Magalhaes actually! The portuguese once approached me as D1 in some pub. He told that joining [q] is his dream and after a week of whining we accepted him! He created a whole new person - D1 was spanish he claimed... This thing went on until he got banned for multi accounts.

By 31.12.2009 our record was 704-425 (includes QeHs and rP record)
Same time next year we had added 128 wins and 51 losses.

As blaa started army duty in 2010 he handed over the leadership to current leader Gamabunta.

Our main rivals have remained basically the same over the years. Darkness, [kuc] and oXz.

Over the years we have recruited peole from various countries. Although mostly european, we have had a fair share of americans, canadians and also one mexican! Other countries where our players are from: Finland, Estonia, Germany, Czech republic, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Netherlands, UK, Portugal, France, Hungary, Switzerland, Russia...

[q] has also ran a very succesful b team. Many players went through the cycle of learning how to play with the team in the q.b to advance to the main team. In main team we have had 45 players. In b team 53 players.

We have also ran public and match servers (located in UK, hosted by Lekky), we have organized a excrementload of one day tournaments (blaa doing QeHs cups and timetravellers cups, Lekky doing europaint with pureblood) and also a small league in 2007, to celebrate our rebirth, where following clans played: [q], 20ID, Ij, LC, MeMi, cD, allstarz, CC.

On 18.12.2011 we had a 5v5/6v6 vs a mix team. The match resulted in a win for [q] and that win was 1000th. Not many clans have reached that milestone before us… CC, darkness and [kuc] . QeHs players involved in the match: Gamabunta, Rockhead, Luckmore, Malv, blaa, MrPeach and Sata.

Over the next couple of years the clans activity shrank and in 2014 it became obvious that if we can’t have one match per year then it’s time for a funeral. The funeral celebrations were in September 2014, where following QeHs current and former members took part:

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Eine schöne Idee.

Der Clan ist übrigens kurz vor unserem ins Leben gerufen worden und hat sich damit fast 10 Jahre gehalten.

Träume nicht dein Leben, lebe deine Träume.
Die Welt von heute ist nicht die Welt von gestern und die Welt von morgen wird nicht die Welt von heute sein.

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Spyder SE

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Die guten alten Zeiten...
R.I.P QeHS R.I.P rP>

Bild nicht gefunden
PS3 Trophies

Alter Beitrag 15.09.2014 21:25
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