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Mapname:Botanic garden
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1.44 MB
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Beta 1
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Gamemodes:Single Flag
CTF Capture The Flag
Spieler:nicht angegeben
Server:[OTB] Beta - Jetzt spielen! -
Quelle:Offizielles Forum
Game mode CTF, 1 flag per team, pgp-only, 3 points per cap

Contains more or less hard (speed) jumps for fast gameplay and to motivate players to spend some time learning the map, relatively open layout to ensure some good fights and to prevent a focus on capping instead of fighting. Some less complex brushes were added outside of the playable area so the map hopefully feels a bit larger than it actually is.

On last social saturday many people experienced the bug of getting kicked for having corrupt files, this got fixed by shortening the "requiredfiles" string (thank you, jitspoe).

This is my very first map for dp or any other game so I learned most stuff on the fly and hope to learn more about good mapping now through proper feedback on my map Smiley .

A huge thank you to whoa for teaching me all I wanted to know about mapping and providing his server for testing early versions of my, and to all the guys in the Level Design channel on Discord who answered my many questions and helped me fix some bugs in my map (JMR, FourthX, Unibonger, sort, jitspoe etc.)!

Plans for the next version:
- Make the map a bit easier for beginners (e.g. provide an easy way out of the lower ice path, thank you for that suggestion, jitspoe)
- Properly align the planket textures (Thanks 3lf)
- Fix floating brushes (Thanks 3lf)

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jpg Dateiname: b1_botanic_b1_ssht5.jpg
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